Delivery notes

Delivery notes are documents which provide information about a consignment to the delivery driver and the consignee. They usually include details of the sender, the delivery address and the quantity, weight and description of the goods, along with any reference numbers which help to identify the delivery to the customer. By obtaining a signature on the document at the delivery point this also provides evidence that the delivery has been made, i.e. Proof of Delivery

Most delivery notes are provided at the point of collection but can be sent to us by electronic means so that we can print it and hand to the driver if preferred. If no delivery note is supplied we can produce one if requested, otherwise we will assume that it is not required. We will always attempt to obtain some form of proof of delivery even if a delivery note is not supplied.

Many deliveries are made using a handheld electronic device which provides addresses and other instructions to the delivery driver. In these instances a delivery note is not required since proof of delivery details are captured electronically. If any information needs to be passed on to your customer, such as packing lists detailing items on the delivery, we encourage you to either attach these to the goods themselves, such as via a ‘documents enclosed’ pouch, or to email details of the consignment to the customer prior to delivery.

The production of paper delivery notes can be avoided altogether simply by e-mailing details to your customer and to us and providing a unique reference number to all parties involved. The number can be provided to your customer at the time of delivery so they can identify the goods and would be shown on our invoice to you so you can identify the job. The same number would be used if you were requesting an electronic POD. Stationery costs and other overheads involved with paper shuffling can be reduced significantly through adopting this electronic method!

Delivery documentation cannot be avoided however where the goods being transported are hazardous since important information regarding the consignment must accompany the delivery. For more information click here.