FreightForce is an established operator and has extensive experience of the Transportation and Handling of Approved Dangerous Goods under ADR and handles a wide variety of dangerous goods.

FreightForce provides safe, reliable and dedicated transport of Hazardous good across the UK.

Use of Dangerous Goods

Many products which we encounter on a daily basis can be hazardous to our health if we come into contact with them too often or for too long. The packaging of substances such as household cleaning fluids and gardening products will often carry what are known as Risk and Safety phrases together with one or more small square orange symbols which describe the nature of the hazard and the actions that should be taken if the substance is accidentally spilled or swallowed.

Retail packaging Symbols:

symbolsThese symbols only relate to the hazards in use of the product and do not automatically mean that it is dangerous in transport. However, it must not be assumed that all substances which are packed in small or retail packaging are not subject to the transport regulations, since the classification criteria are different.