Changes in fuel prices result in fluctuating costs for the transport industry, necessitating a variable fuel surcharge which may rise, fall or be removed, in line with movements in fuel prices.

Fuel accounts for over 40% of our direct costs and we recover a small fuel surcharge at the invoice level.

FreightForce operates a very modern fleet of vehicles, which increases fuel economy and reduces emissions, whilst giving the maximising uptime. For further details check our environmental policy

We procure our fuel directly from refineries and use sophisticated fuel management systems on our vehicles. We contract purchase and spot buy, we bunker fuel and broker into diesel systems. We do everything we can do to understand the market and purchase at the cheapest price. This combination, ensures we make every effort to keep our cost base to an absolute minimum.

We maintain a Weekly Fuel Index. If you are a customer please click on the link below and enter your password.
Weekly Fuel Index

Platts is the leading global provider of energy information. Their mission is to provide information that creates transparency and helps drive market efficiency and liquidity.

In simple terms Platts provides pricing assessments for Derv, which is a global commodity. FreightForce analysis this information daily to help it tactically purchase fuel. We also use their Fuel Price Indices, alongside exchange rates, to accurately calculate fuel surcharges.

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