Claims procedure – making a claim

If the unfortunate situation arises where your goods are damaged or go missing whilst in our care, please notify us in writing immediately if you intend to make a claim, preferably via email to This notification must be received by us within 7 days of the incident for a claim to be valid under the GIT insurance policy. We will then provide you with a claim form to complete or you can click the links at the bottom of this page to download the form.

Any claims for damages or shortages on delivery will only be entertained if the delivery note is endorsed accordingly at the time of delivery. No claims will be accepted if the delivery note is signed as “unchecked” or similar, or if no endorsement is made.

Once we have received your completed claim form it will be forwarded to the insurers to process. This must be accompanied by the relevant documentation requested, including your cost invoice, sales invoice, written notification of intention to claim and, for damaged goods, photos of the affected items.

Where goods are manufactured by you and the provision of a single cost invoice is not possible, other evidence of the cost price is required, such as a breakdown of the constituent costs with relevant purchase invoices, or some other evidence of your profit margin.

Providing all relevant documentation has been supplied, the insurers will proceed towards settling the claim and once settlement is received by us it will be forwarded on to you.

Click here to view and download the FreightForce customer claim form