FreightForce handles the widest range of freight types possible, from aircraft components to sweets.

The list below are a few of our industry sectors:

Variety of FMCG categories

  • Household goods
  • Personal goods
  • Food & Drink

General Haulage –palletised, bagged, loose, oversize & ugly freight

(Raw material intake and finished product distribution)
A few examples:

  • Building products
  • Paper/Cardboard
  • Publications
  • Soft furnishings
  • Garden & landscaping products
  • Glass
  • Sports equipment
  • Offshore goods

Freightforce will deliver higher risk product, under specific arrangements:

FreightForce specialise in Agricultural Haulage:

  • Fully F I A S approved to carry hazardous/non hazardous Fertilizer for some of the largest producers in the World.
  • Specialised hauliers in Seed distribution