How to Pack a pallet and presentation of freight

It is the responsibility of the customer to present freight safely and packaged appropriately for road transportation, which may be handled several times. Goods must be placed securely on a good quality four way pallet and firmly secured using banding, strapping or shrink wrap plastic film. It is essential that goods are secured in this way to ensure they do not move during transit.

Packing an item correctly is vital to ensure its safety in transit between collection and delivery points. If the item is fragile, it is advisable to wrap it in bubble wrap or cardboard to give it added protection. If the item being collected is of a mechanical nature it is vital that all oils and lubricants are drained before the goods are placed on the pallet. This ensures the health and safety of everyone involved in the movement of the goods.

To negate issues through collection, transhipment and to ensure your goods arrive at the final destination in one piece, goods:

  • MUST be wrapped to protect it from inclement weather during collection and delivery
  • MUST be stable and robustly packed or placed on the pallet to avoid tipping over
  • MUST be clearly labelled with paperwork secured in clear adhesive envelopes
  • MUST NOT overhang the edges of the pallet
  • MUST NOT exceed the dimensions of the size of pallet entered
  • MUST NOT be top heavy and be able to withstand being transhipped several times
  • MUST be firmly and properly secured with either good quality plastic shrink wrap (at least 15 complete turns) or banded with either fibre or steel banding
  • MUST be sufficiently packaged to protect the goods

Bagged product is always at risk from being “snagged” by neighbouring pallets. Unless your bags are of a thick gauge, we would recommend that you place a cardboard underneath and shroud around the bottom and then use a heat sealed shrink-wrap to secure your freight to the actual pallet base. Ensure the bag does not overhang the pallet.

High Value goods should be black shrinkwrapped and security (tape) sealed.

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