FreightForce Distribution is a member shareholder of Pallex, Fortec networks and a member of UPN giving our customer access to their networks of choice.

For environmental and economic reasons we use pallet networks as tactical partners to execute freight movements which would otherwise be uneconomical to deliver on our own vehicles. Typically, this would include small consignments and freight going to far-reaching destinations.

Pallet Networks are where members reciprocally deliver freight for each other, via a centralised hub. We are proud to be associated with award winning networks, changing the way businesses transport goods – whether large or small consignments.

In simple terms, the hub and spoke network enables us to economically deliver palletised freight. Prior to pallet networks, we would have to deliver all our customers’ freight on our own vehicles, which proved to be an expensive way for both operator and customer.

Economic and environmental pressures has changed the way we think about freight

Each member has an exclusive delivery area, defined by post code boundaries and a non competing understanding for customers already in that same area. Each working day all members collect their customers’ freight, consolidate onto trunk vehicles and then trunk into the networks centralised dedicated state of the art hub at Coaville, Fradley Park and Watford Gap. All pallets are unloaded, checked, weighed, scanned and located in the bay of the receiving depot.

Once all trunk vehicles have been unloaded, the reloading exercise starts and the reloaded trunk vehicles head back to the depots for unloading, routing and loading onto local delivery vehicles. Each pallet is scanned and reported at each stage of the process for live tracking & traceability.


Importantly, the networks provides an entire infrastructure for the provision of these services, including a hub operation, IT services, sales support, central payments function, centralised ‘goods in transit’ insurance, operations management and dispute resolution via a members’ service committee.

Any freight handled via your network of choice has to be processed within strict guidelines, thus providing a consistent quality of service throughout the network of 200+ members.

FreightForce Strategy, how the brands work together

Here at FreightForce, we have built our business around the quality of the FreightForce service to our customers. When a customer buys our services, they buy FreightForce and its our vehicles they see at the collection point. Customers have different views and experiences of distribution networks and whilst we work with the best network available, we are always conscious of our customers’ views.

As Pallex, Fortex and UPN has developed and evolved, the synergies between the brands grow as do our processes and our shared technology. This process will only accelerate and these developments are shared across the network and further differentiates us within the market place.

Track and Trace

As our customer you can easily track your consignments using the networks platforms. Pallex has recently launched Nexus ETA which brings a new suite of features that will take customers experience to the next level. Integral to this success is the role of artificial intelligence ,which has contributed to operational efficiencies. For more information please call Freightforce on 01603 630011 or visit and