Insurance Details

The transport sector is heavily reliant upon insurance. Compliance is an ever important aspect of our business. Risk profiling, Fleet Risk Management, Health & Safety, Claims Analysis. This is all before cover and payments start.

On a serious note, we have to work with the insurance industry to implement risk management practices, whilst we adapt to changes in legislation and minimise premium expenditure. Our chosen Insurance Broker is March Commercial Insurance.

For our trading partners we have compiled a comprehensive set of documents to hopefully satisfy all your needs and show we are compliant and take this area very seriously.

You can see our Proof of Insurance document within our download section.


From a customers’ perspective, having the correct Goods In Transit Insurance is imperative.

When we handle your freight we invoke our Goods in Transit policy to cover the goods whilst in transit, or being stored, in the course of transit. The policy generally covers Theft or Loss while in transit and Damage during transit.

Freight is generally carried under the Road Haulage Association’s (RHA) Conditions of Carriage for the part of the journey within the UK and under CMR Conditions if the goods form part of a road transport chain throughout Western Europe. These conditions of carriage stipulate the conditions and level of cover.

Unless otherwise specified and agreed, freight carried under RHA Conditions is covered up to £1300 per tonne, this equates to £1.30 per kg, so it’s important to value and insure your goods properly. Some people mistakenly think their pallet is covered for any damage up to £1300. We can provide additional insurance of £5000 per tonne or even up to £10000 per tonne.

For further details please see our download section.

Extended insurance can be provided for specific loads up to a value of £250000.

When your goods are delivered, the person responsible for accepting and signing for the goods should make a brief examination of the outer packaging and if necessary unpack the consignment and check it fully. If any damage is suspected or apparent, the delivery note should be marked accordingly. The word “unchecked” will not be accepted as a claused delivery. Insurance companies will not consider a claim for damages or loss when a clean or clear proof of delivery is produced. Any discrepancies at the delivery point must be reported in writing within 3 days from the date of delivery.

We accept goods for carriage under a contract of best endeavour. No guarantees are given nor implied. Under no circumstances shall we be liable in the event of consequential loss, special damages or other indirect loss, however arising.

  • RHA Claims are settled on Cost Price of the Goods
  • CMR Claims are settled on Sales Price of the Goods


As mentioned above goods stored in the course of transit without charge are insured to the same level of cover as if they were on the road. However, when a charge is made for storage services or if the goods are stored for longer periods, it is the customers responsibility to insure the goods in our warehouse for their full value. We can provide limited cover under the terms of the RHA Conditions of Storage but our liability is restricted to £100 per tonne. We can consider increasing this limit upon request.


This applies to clients who rent/lease shared or dedicated units, area or space from us.

Logistic Property Ltd. insures the building, but not the contents. There is no cover provided other than at common law. Our only legal liability would stem from negligent damage to the property stored. A flash flood or act of god does not fall into this category. Claims for consequential losses will not be accepted.

In all cases clients should insure their own goods at their full value and we advise you to discuss this with a professional commercial insurance broker.