We have ambitious plans to grow our business, in a strong and sustainable way, whilst reducing our environmental impact where we can.

Our suppliers’ materials and services are paramount to our ability to provide our customers with the service they expect. Together we can deliver innovative solutions whilst removing duplication and cost from our processes and supply chain.

How to trade with us

In this section you will find basic information and the requirements needed to ensure that the procurement process runs smoothly, how to e-transact with us and who to contact and how to keep up to date with new information on this site

New Supplier Registration Process

If you are a prospective supplier and wish to introduce yourself to us then please email us at accounts@freightforce.co.uk with useful information so we can evaluate your introduction. If we wish to progress the enquiry we will contact you. Please don’t cold call us or turn up at our premises without an appointment.

Evaluation and Agreement on Terms

For some projects we will conduct a defined vendor selection process whereby we will ask suppliers/manufacturers to take part in a selection process.

We will also consider other supplier opportunities and will agree trading terms around our established terms of trading and assuming that the supplier will work to our e-Trading methods of working.


To reduce duplication, workloads and costs for both us and our trading partners, we strongly encourage everyone to work to our eTrading processes.

Purchase orders are all recorded onto Sage and suppliers are welcome to have copies of Purchase Orders via email. We avoid all forms of printing and postage.

Key suppliers usually work to a weekly PO and where this is agreed, an order confirmation is required for each time we call off items or add to a weekly PO. These must be emailed to purchase.orders@freightforce.co.uk.

All ad-hoc Purchase order confirmations, that contain prices, should be emailed to purchase.orders@freightforce.co.uk.

Invoices should be emailed to accounts.payable@freightforce.co.uk. We do not accept paper invoices unless the supplier has a prior arrangement.

Invoices must state a PO number, this will be cross referenced to the PO on Sage and if the amounts do not agree then the invoice will be rejected until the dispute has been resolved. We therefore always recommend to suppliers that they contact procurement with the correct details before submitting an invoice. The three way match avoids payment delays.

All payments are made via BACS, no cheques or cash.