Drivers and Vulnerable Road User Policy

Everyone has the right to travel on the road safely, whether by HGV, car, motorcycle, pedal cycle, horse or on foot.

Drivers should take extra care to avoid collisions with vulnerable road users, because a pedestrian, cyclist ,motorcyclist or horse rider will always come off worse.

Whenever and wherever you drive:

  • Watch your speed
  • Expect to encounter different road users
  • Be patient. Give others time and room
  • Be ready for others to make mistakes
  • Concentrate on your driving
  • Never drive and use a mobile phone.
  • Drive considerately


  • Remember you’re a pedestrian sometimes too
  • Give them time and room to cross, especially the elderly or disabled. Your speed can literally make the difference between life or death
  • Remember, they may be hard to see, especially children
  • Be ready for the unexpected
  • Don’t park on pavements
  • Stop at zebra crossings if someone is waiting to cross
  • You must stop for School Crossing Patrols
  • Never wave a pedestrian across the road – there may be other traffic overtaking from behind you


  • Think bike. Expect to see cyclists and give them time and room
  • Always check your mirrors for cyclists. Be especially careful that your nearside is clear when turning left, and at roundabouts
  • Give cyclists plenty of room when overtaking them
  • Respect cycle lanes and Advance Stop Lines
  • Slow down
  • Never overtake a cyclist and then turn left shortly afterwards